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Once you have approved your custom building, landscape design, or game plan, our team of experienced landscapers, contractors, and installers will execute the plan efficiently and accurately, down to the smallest detail.

Landscape Design

Our design and landscaping firm is filled with artistically minded and experienced landscapers who have worked on many different sizes and layouts, which allows us to offer a wide array of services and deliver unique and creative landscape designs. Our team not only realizes our clients’ landscaping dreams, but we also provide a diligent maintenance program to protect your investment.

Landscape Maintenance

We provide comprehensive landscape maintenance packages encompassing all aspects of your landscaping and outdoor living areas. Other than mowing, weeding, edging, fertilizing, and pruning, our landscapers scrub and buff your patios and hard surfaces, maintain your fireplaces and grills, clean your outdoor kitchens, as well as your furniture, and more.

Landscape Irrigation

Our irrigation systems are intelligent, programmed, and designed specifically for your landscape. Our landscapers consider the limitations of coverage, depth changes, and sunlight exposure. We also fix and maintain existing irrigation systems, even if they were not installed by us. Our maintenance services involve routine seasonal adjustments, sprinkler winterization, and spring activation. Other than mowing, weeding, edging, fertilizing, and pruning, we also scrub and buff your hard surfaces, maintain your fireplace and grill, clean your patio furniture, and more.

Landscape Improvements

Sometimes, it takes a slight change to liven up your landscape. We also offer landscaping services for minor projects or remodels outside our construction and maintenance packages. Our landscaping improvements include: 

  • Adding turf
  • Planting seasonal flowers
  • Filling flower beds with mulch
  • Creating gravel or paver paths
  • Making seasonal flower beds or accents

There are many different enhancements to upgrade your outdoor living. You can add an irrigation system, raised planters, a fire pit, a fireplace, or a water feature. You can also have retaining walls and flower beds. We’d be happy to discuss which options are best for you. We offer borders, stones, and plants to make your garden look beautiful too!

Customized Lawn Treatments

Our professional landscapers create chemical solutions for landscapes specific to your lawn’s needs. Our procedures include lawn fertilization, weed control, disease prevention, deep rooting for trees and shrubs, pest defense during the season and regularly, plant protection, and more.

Commercial Landscaping in the Columbus Ohio Area

 Your landscape says a lot about your company. You can change your corporate image. It’s well proven that customers may only want to shop there if your premises are well maintained. Commit to Columbus Landscaping to remodel and upgrade your landscape. Our landscapers use professional tools, equipment, and landscaping techniques to create beautiful landscaping for commercial properties.

With our help, you can update the grass, trees, shrubs, and flowers around your building to give your entire property a new look. Our team has experience assisting numerous local clients when it comes to landscaping.  You can rely on our high-quality, luxury landscaping.

Make your commercial property unique. We provide commercial landscaping services to companies in the Columbus, Ohio area. Contact us today to discuss landscaping your commercial property.

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